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CDPE Information

Santa Barbara real estate agent Timm Delaney has recently become CDPE certified. This Santa Barbara real estate agent is always looking for ways to better serve his clients and his community and feels that his CDPE certification will allow him to do just that. As you may or may not know the more certifications a real estate agent receives, the more capable they are of helping homebuyers and homeowners navigate through the muddy and often complicated waters that run through the real estate industry. In today’s troubled real estate market and world economy more and more people are turning to certified professionals for assistance both financially and in scenarios where they want you to keep their home or their property.

Now that this Santa Barbara real estate agent has become CDPE certified he is able to help homeowners who are facing financial difficulties and offer them solutions that may help them stay in their home or even rework their current loan. While a general Santa Barbara real estate agent may have some knowledge in things like short sales and foreclosures, it’s very likely that, that knowledge is limited and so any homeowner who choose your standard run-of-the-mill real estate agent will likely be shortchanged in the end and furthermore will likely lose their home and miss many of the opportunities that come along with working with a CDPE Santa Barbara real estate agent.

What Is a CDPE Certified Real Estate Agent?

CDPE stands for Certified Distressed Property Expert and any Santa Barbara real estate agent with the certification is going to be able to help homeowners in distressed financial situations and put into practice solutions that will help them stay in their homes. A CDPE certified Santa Barbara real estate agent will have additional knowledge that other real estate agents won’t which will help them help homeowners through difficult Timmes by making use of little known programs and procedures that help keep homeowners in the home they’ve worked so hard to obtain. A CDPE certified Santa Barbara real estate agent, through training, understands just how difficult a Timme it can be when somebody is facing the loss of their home. Their extra knowledge as well as a great deal of empathy and sympathy come along with every CDPE certified Santa Barbara real estate agent so those who work with such an agent will not only have someone on their side that can help them keep their home but will also have someone on their side who can handle the situation delicately, quickly, and even discreetly.

How Did Timm Delaney Become a CDPE Certified Santa Barbara Real Estate Agent?

  • Timm became interested in in CDPE certification so that he can help individuals in need keep their homes and so that people would have an individual to work with that is trained specifically in home ownership crises. Timm Delaney also wanted to give homeowners an opportunity to work with somebody who truly understands what they’re going through.
  • Like many other real estate certifications, becoming CDPE certified meant that Timm Delaney first needed to apply for certification and then enroll in a number of different courses that deal specifically with the financial crises that a homeowner may face. During these courses this Santa Barbara real estate agent was taught how to identify distressed property market and how to decode the subprime market as well as how to adopt a successful distressed property mindset. Additionally Timm received instruction on the ins and outs of short sales as well as the pros and cons of that process. Timm Delaney was also taught in these courses how to help homeowners avoid short sale pitfalls and get the most out of the process. Lastly this Santa Barbara real estate agent learned how to keep investors from taking advantage of homeowners facing short sales and foreclosures.
  • Once Timm Delaney had completed all of his coursework he was then required to view and attend several different webinars all of which delved even further into the short sale and foreclosure processes. These webinars are extremely comprehensive and can be complicated to both standard real estate agents and anyone who may not be an industry insider. These webinars discuss the intricacies faced by homeowners dealing with the financial crisis and by those who are in danger of losing their home. They also give a number of different solutions to the real estate agent who studies them on how to avoid problems and scams during difficult financial Timmes and how to maximize profit for the Santa Barbara real estate agents clients.

Why Use a CDPE Certified Santa Barbara Real Estate Agent?

Timm Delaney became CDPE certified because he believes that nobody facing a foreclosure, short sale, or any other financial difficulty as a homeowner should ever have a difficult Timme finding a real estate agent with the knowledge and compassion that he brings to the table. Any homeowner who might be facing or dealing with financial difficulty should remember that a CDPE certified Santa Barbara real estate agent will have specialized tools and knowledge to help them avoid foreclosures and short sales and that’s their trained specifically to address these types of issues whereas uncertified agents are not.
If you’re an individual or homeowner who fears he/she may be in danger of losing their home or is in the midst of the process don’t hesitate to contact Timm Delaney. Timm is never afraid to step into the middle of the process to help homeowners make the most out of an unfortunate situation. Furthermore the Santa Barbara real estate agent will do everything in his power to ensure that you either stay in your home and if that’s not possible, that you at least walk away with something in your pocket and with as little damage done as possible. Don’t make the mistake so many other people make by working with a standard Santa Barbara real estate agent. Contact Timm Delaney today for assistance!