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PSC Information

Timm Delaney is a Santa Barbara real estate agent who prides himself on being one of the most educated and efficient real estate agents within the Santa Barbara community. In order to possess such a high degree of knowledge and to be as efficient as he it means that Timm must consistently consider furthering his education. A large part of this process includes earning real estate certifications by completing certification programs for each designation he desires. Timm’s latest earned certification is the PSC designation or as it’s also known among those in real estate circles, the “Pre-foreclosure Specialist Certification”. Having become PSC certified allows him to help people facing a short sale and/or foreclosure in ways not possible through any other designation or program.

What is an PSC Certified Real Estate Agent?

The first thing people should remember about PSC certification is that it’s not your average short sale training certification but rather a program put together from the five top minds within the pre-foreclosure industry. The program is also built around feedback, objections, and even input from the countries most prolific lenders and has been refined and is now considered by many to be the most well-planned and easily applicable tool Santa Barbara real estate agents can use to help individuals with short sales and foreclosures. Like many other certification programs the PSC certification program is designed to give Santa Barbara real estate agents the tools necessary to guide their clients through the short sale process and to help ensure that their clients walk away from the process having very little damage done financially.

Why Did Timm Delaney Become a PSC Certified Santa Barbara Real Estate Agent?

Tim’s PSC certification in conjunction with his other foreclosure and short sales certifications has made Timm Delaney one of the most sought-after Santa Barbara real estate agents in that area as well as one of the most knowledgeable and sympathetic agents. Through the PSC certification curriculum Timm has not only learned how to handle pre-foreclosures and foreclosures but has witnessed firsthand the damage that these processes can do to families and individuals. This is why Tim approaches every clients needs with the utmost of respect, care, and focus. Not only does this Santa Barbara real estate agent want to help people handle foreclosures he also aims to guide him through his gently and efficiently as possible.

Why Use an PSC Certified Santa Barbara Real Estate Agent?

Now that Timm Delaney is a PSC certified Santa Barbara real estate agents he is better equipped, more informed and more qualified than ever before to assist individuals facing foreclosure with that process. If you or someone else you know has a foreclosure on the horizon and has yet to begin working with a Santa Barbara real estate agent be sure to give Timm Delaney a call.