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Avoiding Foreclosure Scams

Whether you´re searching for a Santa Barbara REO HomeSanta Barbara Foreclosure or a distressed property in another community, it is important to understand what programs are legitimate and which ones are purely money-making scams. Be sure to do your homework before paying for any service, and contact Santa Barbara Real Estate agent Timm Delaney at Timm@TimmDelaney.com or (805)895-1109 for more information.

Foreclosure Classes

Education is a wonderful way to become familiar with the Santa Barbara Foreclosure market. Many realtors who specialize in REO homes andforeclosures are more than happy to give you this education for free. Other community resources also provide distressed property education, some at a small fee. While paying for a legitimate service is absolutely worthwhile, be sure to investigate the course before any money exchanges hands to ensure the program is a true educational opportunity.

Internet Sources

The ease of house hunting from your family room has never been easier. There are dozens, if not hundreds of online Foreclosure services that are willing to let you browse their database for REO Homes and Foreclosures. Most of these companies charge a fee for this service, and several are not worth the cost. Most realtors specializing in foreclosures, like Santa Barbara Realtor Timm Delaney will offer this internet search for free. Delaney´s Web site provides extensive search options for people looking for Santa Barbara REO Homes and Santa Barbara Foreclosures. If you do choose to sign up for a paid internet service for find distressed properties, ask the company to provide you with a free sample of their properties in order to evaluate their inventory.

Foreclosure Scams

Be wary of any program that requires you to sign your home over. Even if you sign your home over to a company, you will still be held liable for your default loan. You also need to be on guard to ensure that you are not selling your home for far less than it is worth. Your best bet is to get multiple opinions for area realtors who specialize in REO Homes and Foreclosures. For more information, contact Santa Barbara Real Estate agent Timm Delaney at Timm@TimmDelaney.com or (805)895-1109.