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Charming Butterfly Cottages!

Charming Butterfly Cottages! Location: Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Area, Central Coast, California, USAAccommodations: House – 2 Bedrooms – 2 Baths – (Sleeps 4-6) Contact Timm Delaney at (805)895-1109 or email him at Timm@TimmDelaney.com […]

Santa Barbara Home Sellers Information

When selling your Santa Barbara home you want a Realtor who specializes in your area and wants to make your money. Nobody knows real estate like Santa Barbara Realtor Timm Delaney. Timm Delaney […]

Places to Visit

Santa Barbara Botanic Garden Home Page We welcome you to visit and enjoy our exquisite exhibits of California native plants set in beautifully designed landscapes. Earl Warren Showgrounds Equestrian Facilities […]

Advertising Resources

Looking for Real Estate, Investments, and Excitement? Planning on purchasing a home?  Make sure to add a home inspection fee in your budget!  A home inspection can really help you avoid buying a home […]

Introduction to Investing in Santa Barbara Foreclosures

Learn why Santa Barbara Foreclosures are ideal properties for both investors and individuals searching for a new home. No matter if you´re a Santa Barbara Real Estate investor or an average buyer searching for your first […]

Short Sale FAQ

When an individual finds him or herself in a challenging situation where everything is at stake it’s almost a certainty that they’re going to have questions about the situation that […]

Short Sale Facts

When it comes to short sales many homeowners faced with such a thing generally don’t understand the process nor how it might affect them both in the short-term and the […]

REO Homes page

Whether you´re a buyer looking for the perfect Santa Barbara REO home or Montecito foreclosure, or a lender in need of a listing agent for your Montecito bank owned home or Santa Barbara lender owned property, […]

New Buyer/Seller Tips

  Buyer Tips Seller Tips Buying a home is a big decision. Picking the right area, school district, getting the right price, right size are just some of the few things that […]

Glossary of Terms

For those looking for a glossary of terms, here is one that we found through the California Department of Real Estate. Glossary of Terms