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Beautiful homes with old fashion charm. Santa Barbara is home of many great communities and people moving here make it their permanent home forever, once you move here you will not want to live anywhere else.

There are many facets to Santa Barbara; each area a jewel unto itself. Take a look at some of the highlights with an example of the housing available.

History, charm, oceans, mountains, flowers, young and old…you can find what you´re looking for in Santa Barbara.

Santa Barbara Residential Homes

If you are thinking about relocating? Then Santa Barbara is the perfect place to go. You can find the perfect single family homes for sale and will fit your budget. From huge houses to quaint condos, there is something for everyone relocating to Santa Barbara.Average Santa Barbara Home Price:Santa Barbara California Real Estate Communities:

  • The Upper East – City planners regard Eastside as perhaps the most important factor in Santa Barbara´s growth. More undeveloped space and a higher percentage of older one-family homes exist in the Eastside than in any other of the city´s neighborhoods. The upper Eastside has been identified as a bailiwick of the wealthy elite since 1895.Santa Barbara´s famous community playhouse, the Lobero Theater, located in the Upper East, was built in 1924, and was known as the cultural center years ahead of Los Angeles and San Diego.
  • The Riviera – Bridging the 2 mile span that separates Mission and Sycamore Canyons, the sylvan uplift which padres knew as the “mission ridge” has for the past 65 years been known as “the Riviera” due to its resemblance to slopes along the Mediterranean coast of France and Italy. Santa Barbarans lucky enough to live on this ridge attach premium value to their homes because of their unsurpassed views of the city, mountains, sea, and islands.The Riviera is famous for its semitropical appearance. The flowing curves at the west end of Alameda Padre Serra today mark the old streetcar right of way, the curves being essential to provide a gradient which electric cars could negotiate.One of the older and more stabilized neighborhoods in the city, the Riviera also ranks as one of the wealthiest and best-educated. “We know how lucky we are not to have to go to Europe to enjoy the Riviera life-style,” one cosmopolite commented. “We´ve got a better Riviera right here in Santa Barbara.”
  • Mission Canyon – Ethel Barrymore, the late empress of stage and screen, once told a friend, “Fortunate indeed is the person who can live in Santa Barbara, and doubly blessed if his home is located in Mission Canyon.”American newcomers, during the 1850´s were quick to appreciate the sylvan beauty of Mission Canyon, and they began to move in and build homes. Above them were a series of rocky cascades known as The Seven Falls. Homes in Mission Canyon range from the humble adobe, to magnificent mansions like Glendessary, on the shady lane of the same name. This sprawling half-timbered Tudor manor house was one of the fine homes built before the turn of the century by Christoph Tornoe, a gifted Danish artisan.
  • San Roque – Few residential neighborhoods of Santa Barbara can boast the rich historical background of the San Roque and Rutherford Park areas. The neighborhood got its name when the first white men arrived in 1769 with Governor Portola. They camped at the mouth of the San Roque Creek, which they named to memorialize the patron saint of invalids, Saint Roque, a Carmelite friar of the 14th century.Now a built-up, economically stabilized suburb, it is admired for its sweeping curved streets, its luxuriant landscaping, and its harmonious blend of many architectual themes – Spanish Colonial, English Tudor, French Normandy, California Redwood, Italiante and American Colonial, mostly built since 1925.With shopping and banking facilitated at their very doorstep, residents of San Roque feel that they are living in one of Santa Barbara´s choicest residential neighborhoods, where investing in home or business property guarantees future security.
  • Samarkand – Samarkand meant “the land of heart´s desire” in the archaic Persian tongue. As the dominating landmark of a hilly, elevated neighborhood, the Samarkand gave its name to an area bounded on the east by Oak Park.The Samarkand neighborhood could point with pride to one of America´s most beautiful and prestigious retirement centers, originally a hotel. The Samarkand District Improvement association, one of the most active in the city, reported that Samarkand has one of the lowest population densities in Southern California.
  • The Mesa – Mesa, a Spanish word meaning “table”, has been applied to the flat beach fronting the ocean along Santa Barbara´s southwestern border since mission days. The Mesa is one of the oldest historical areas in the city, paradoxically it is one of our youngest residential districts.Artists and writers have a special affinity for the Mesa as a carefree place to live. City weather records show that the Mesa´s winter temperatures are 10 to 12 degrees warmer than downtown, and 10 to 12 degrees cooler in the summer.This climate attraction, plus the spectacular marine views, caused a housing boom after World War II, creating the Mesa Improvement Association, dedicated to protecting the Mesa life-style as one of the most envied in the South Coast area.
  • The Westside – The “Westside Story” of Santa Barbara is laid in our city´s first suburb. Cottage Hospital and its surrounding laboratories, rest homes, professional buildings, clinics and other medically-oriented satellites, has made it very convenient for the local residents.City Hall recognizes the Westside as the oldest established residential area in town: six out of ten houses were built prior to 1940. Santa Barbara´s Westside is one of the last frontiers for that great American tradition, one that is daily becoming scarce – the single family home.
  • Goleta – Tucked between lush green hillsides and the sparkling Pacific lies Goleta Valley. Just minutes from downtown Santa Barbara, the Goleta community is characterized by comfortable single family homes, and outstanding public elementary and secondary schools. Plan on enjoying the many recreational opportunities, historic sites and seasonal festivals. Combining all that the area offers with a mild year-round climate and idyllic natural surroundings, it is easy to see why Goleta is the place to be.
  • Carpinteria – The Carpinteria Valley is located in the southeast corner of Santa Barbara County. It´s a little piece of coastal paradise tucked midway between Ventura and Santa Barbara, seeming to shy away from the glare of tourism´s spotlight, but at the same time welcoming all who chance to discover its charms.Carpinteria´s splendid natural setting and small town charm remain relatively undiscovered. Enjoy the small town pleasures, where tree-shaded streets, parades and craft shows evoke a gentle way of life. Dozens of antique stores, small shops and restaurants are clustered along the main streets of Carpinteria and nearby Summerland, making the area a browser´s paradise.Carpinteria is home to a world-renowned surfing area off Rincon Point, and a beautiful swimming beach. Nature smiles kindly on the Carpinteria Valley, making it home to many nurseries.

Santa Barbara Condos For Sale

If you have a small family a spacious condo in Santa Barbara is perfect for you and your family. With many quaint communities to choose from it will not take long to find your the perfect Santa Barbara condo.Average Santa Barbara Condo Price: $659,000.00Santa Barbara Condo Communities:
Santa Barbara Townhomes
Find beautiful Santa Barbara Townhomes for an affordable price. Get the space you need for a fraction of the cost. Beautiful communities with large floorplans perfect for the entire family.Average Santa Barbara Townhome Price: $790,000 to $990,000Santa Barbara Town Home Communities:

  • Laguna Court
  • La Aldea

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Santa Barbara History
The beautiful Santa Barbara area had many settlers in its time. From the Chumash to Spanish Missionaries lived along the coast. Trade was made possible by the creation of the canoe. Struck by a devastasting earthquake in June of 1925 the city was heavily damaged and needed a lot of rebuilding.Today Santa Barbara is home to more than 92,000 residents and continues to blossum every day. Still full of history and charm Santa Barbara is the perfect place to call home.Santa Barbara City Links

Santa Barbara School Information
Santa Barbara School District shows your child that learning can be fun. From preschool to high school attending one of the many schools in Santa Barbara means the one on one attention your child needs. Teachers show your children how to become career minded adults and achieve there dreams.

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Santa Barbara Entertainment
Santa Barbara is home to many residents and also a very popular vacation spot. With coastal surroundings spending the day outside it a must. Playing in the sand or surfing in the water. Santa Barbara is also known for its many wineries. If you live here or just visiting finding something to do is always easy.

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