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Welcome to Santa Barbara and Montecito REALTOR® Timm Delaney’s community network. Browse the beautiful communities which Santa Barbara has to offer, view all Montecito homes, Goleta properties, and Santa Barbara homes for sale. Discover the beauty of Santa Barbara real estate: view city images, helpful links, demographics, and much more. As you search through the beautiful variety of Santa Barbara communities to find your next home, contact Santa Barbara REALTOR ® to get your questions answered in full.

Santa Barbara Homes

Santa Barbara homes sit on one of the longest east-to-west stretching sections of coastline along the entire West Coast, and it is often referred to as the “American Riviera” due to its similarities with the French Riviera and the Italian Riviera. With beautiful year-round sunshine and within close proximity to the Los Padres National Forest in the Santa Ynez Mountains which offers both wilderness areas and plenty of recreational activities, Santa Barbara real estate owners can bask in beauty everywhere they look. Since the establishment of Mission Santa Barbara in 1782, the area has flourished through seasons of stability and growth.

Santa Barbara real estate owners can enjoy fantastic Santa Barbara area attractions which also bring in a fair amount of tourism, and the area also offers top-notch educational facilities, and industries for employment opportunities including technology, aerospace, defense, agriculture, manufacturing, health care, and a large service sector. Contact one of the top Santa Barbara REALTORs® Timm Delaney and get assistance with your Santa Barbara home search.

Santa Barbara Communities

Each of the Santa Barbara communities is unique and appealing in its own right. Get a glimpse of what each has to offer residents and visitors alike.

Montecito Real Estate

One of the most investment-friendly Santa Barbara communities is Montecito, California. With Montecito real estate, there are a number of points of interest for visitors and residents alike to spend the day enjoying. Lotusland is a non-profit botanical garden with distinctive flora from all over the world including a blue garden, a butterfly garden, and a succulent garden to name a few. The Music Academy of the West is a music conservatory for students of music with an annual summer festival where Montecito real estate owners come together to hear beautiful music. El Fureidis is an historic Montecito estate which was built in 1906 and incorporates Roman, Persian, Arabic and Spanish styled architecture. The Montecito Inn is a boutique hotel which was built by Charlie Chaplin in the Mediterranean style and remains today a Montecito landmark.

Over the years, Montecito homes have been owned by many celebrities including Oprah Winfrey, Steve Martin and even Steven Spielberg. Montecito properties come in a number of styles and are as attractive as they come. Considering Montecito real estate for either residency or investment, is a good deal indeed. Contact expert Montecito REALTOR® Timm Delaney and get assistance with your Montecito home search.

Hope Ranch Real Estate The affluent Santa Barbara community of Hope Ranch, California has much to offer its residents with a hilly coastal terrain and native vegetation which provides a beautiful tree canopy to many of the Hope Ranch homes. Sprawling Hope Ranch real estate which sits along winding roads with plenty of space to move and breathe are what make Hope Ranch homes an easy choice for many who are in the market to purchase.

Hope Ranch real estate sits within an unincorporated private community which boasts its own private police force, private roads, horse paths and a private beach; as well the roads and access are all governed by the house communities within. The community’s residents describe living in Hope Ranch homes as living in an area that is quiet, serene, and safe, are some of the words. Hope Ranch real estate is among some of the biggest business in the area. Contact expert Hope Ranch REALTOR® Timm Delaney and get assistance with your Hope Ranch home search.

Summerland Real Estate

The Santa Barbara community of Summerland, California is a tremendous place to live, and the Summerland real estate market is a great one. Not only are the Summerland homes beautiful, but they boast well planned designs and are among some of the most attractive in the area. Summerland homes are close to their fair share of tourist attractions and famous landmarks but when you ask the city´s residents what to see you´ll hear about Santa Claus Lane more than any other site. Summerland has had a rich oil industry history dating back to the 1890´s with the world’s first off-shore oil well.

Summerland homes offer quite a bit for those people who enjoy the night life. Many owners of Summerland real estate head over to Calypso Bar & Grill Inc which is just a short distance away in nearby Santa Barbara. Of course for those who enjoy a quiet relaxing evening there are plenty theatres that provide opportunities to catch a movie before you retire for the night. Contact expert Summerland REALTOR® Timm Delaney and get assistance with your Summerland home search.

Goleta Real Estate

For a long time Goleta, California remained the largest of the unincorporated Santa Barbara communities, until 2002 when it was finally incorporated into a city. Goleta is perhaps best known for its close proximity to University of California, Santa Barbara which is just a hop skip and a jump away from the city. The city of Goleta is still in its infancy but already there is great interest in Goleta real estate. Some come to invest in Goleta homes in hopes that the area and property values will appreciate, but many others come to live and enjoy the lifestyle offered here. Most will tell you they enjoy Goleta because it´s a small community but also close to larger areas like Santa Barbara.

Of course being a beach community has allowed Goleta real estate to become and remain popular with beach lovers and surfers, providing hours of coastal entertainment to residents and visitors alike. The city is also popular among college students who attend UCSB, and has that “college-town” vibe. Most of the city´s entertainment can be found in neighboring cities and communities so owners of Goleta homes don´t have to look very far for fun or for necessities. Contact expert Goleta REALTOR® Timm Delaney and get assistance with your Goleta homesearch.

Carpinteria Real Estate

Carpinteria, California is a city located just southeast of Santa Barbara, thus like its surrounding counterparts is a popular destination for visitors and for those interested in Carpinteria real estate. Originally the Spanish named the area Carpinteria after the native Chumash tribe that lived there, who specialized in making and selling canoes using the areas naturally occurring surface tar. These days Carpinteria homes sit in an area which is well-known for its gentle terrain and calm surf with sea lions and the occasional whale being seen very close to the shore. Carpinteria is a quiet oasis which attracts lovers of sea life and is famous for its Salt Marsh Nature Park which draws bird watchers from far and wide.

Families looking at the area will be pleased to find that Carpinteria homes sit close to some very fine schools. Being part of the Carpinteria Unified School District means your child will receive a great education that preaches smart thinking which helps to create a great work ethic which is valuable throughout their whole life. Contact expert Carpinteria REALTOR® Timm Delaney and get assistance with your Carpinteria home search.

Isla Vista Real Estate

Isla Vista, California is another Santa Barbara community which has not yet become its own city. Isla Vista is alive with the hustle and bustle of college students that attend nearby UC Santa Barbara as well as Santa Barbara City College. Aside from the large college population Isla Vista real estate has become popular due to the amount of homes and apartments that where built facing the Pacific Ocean. With beach-front Isla Vista homes so prevalent, it is no wonder tourism has flourished over the years.

Isla Vista remains a popular place with the college crowd but is also popular with Isla Vista real estate investors because of its beach front Isla Vista homes, its relatively close location to schools and to larger hub city centers such as Santa Barbara. Contact expert Isla Vista REALTOR® Timm Delaney and get assistance with your Isla Vista home search.

Solvang Real Estate

Santa Barbara County houses many popular cities including one of the most popular: Solvang, California. Solvang real estate sells quickly in part due to the city’s Danish heritage which is often reflected in some of the community’s older construction. Solvang is now well known for its restaurants, bakeries and businesses that offer a taste of Danish living and cuisines. Solvang homes boast unique designs that hint at a deeper German influence. Homes with these designs help to further the popularity of Solvang and also draw tourists to the area as well.

Solvang real estate owners are undoubtedly proud of their community and visitors to this fine town find that they may begin searching through Solvang homes for sale in order to become a resident in no time! Contact expert Solvang REALTOR® Timm Delaney and get assistance with your Solvang home search.