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Santa Ynez Valley

It doesn´t take long to see the value of Santa Ynez Valley real estate. A variety of culture is offered by each of the valleys six unique communities and the scenic backdrop of rolling hills and a lush landscape is absolutely divine. Santa Ynez Valley land is fruitful and home to numerous vineyards that offer tours of their award-winning wineries.

The valley is also known for its equestrian background. Here you can tour a horse ranch or take a leisurely horseback ride. Many of the ranches here are nationally recognized and rear magnificent Arabian and thoroughbred horses.

Santa Ynez Valley offers a host of recreational amenities to its residents. Shopping, Museums, and art galleries are all popular hotspots. The valley is also a good place for hiking, biking, golfing, or a rejuvenating trip to the day spa. Breathtaking views are available via gliders soaring over the valley.

There is no doubt you can find your dream home searching Santa Ynez Valley properties for sale.

Santa Ynez Valley Residential Homes

Western Style Homes, avg price, private communities

The Santa Ynez Valley includes six communities, all known for genuine old-world hospitality and friendliness.

  • The rural township of Ballard is home to a still-very-functional little red schoolhouse, two restaurants and a bed & breakfast.
  • The bustling gateway city of Buellton is conveniently located at the intersection of US Highway 101 and State Highway 246 with “everything for the traveler”.
  • Los Alamos has an old-time Western feel to the seven-block long main street offering an antique mall in a historic train depot, quaint shops, restaurants and parks.
  • Los Olivos offers a slice of upscale Americana with art galleries, an art museum, boutiques, more than a dozen wine tasting rooms, a world-class inn and a flagpole in the center of the town.
  • The turn-of-the 20th century village of Santa Ynez serves real cowboys at a historic saloon and old west history at the museum along with inns, restaurants and stores.
  • Spend some time exploring the Danish-inspired city of Solvang – a popular stop for traditional bakeries featuring Danish pastries, breads and foods plus more than 200 European style shops, antique stores, museums as well as dozens of inns, hotels, resorts, restaurants and tasting rooms.

Average Cost of Santa Ynez Valley Listings: $1,205,703

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Santa Ynez Valley Community History

The Santa Ynez Valley is an area rich in history due in part to the number of cultures that have called the valley home over the past few centuries. The original occupants of the Santa Ynez valley were the Chumash Indians and 150 descendants of mixed blood still remain in the valley on the Indian reservation there.

The first European settlers to greet the Chumash Indians in the valley were the Spaniards. This was during the time that Spain still owned California. Once California was turned over to the Mexican government by Spain in 1834, Mexicans began to occupy the valley.
After California became part of the United States in 1850, Americans in the valley founded the towns of Ballard, Los Alamos, Santa Ynez, and Los Olivos. At the dawn of the 20th century Danish-American settlers arrived in the valley and founded the town of Solvang, a place that today is still rich in Danish culture. Finally in 1920 the town of Buellton was established.

In the midst of the cultural transitions over recent centuries, the Santa Ynez Valley saw much use in the way of ranching and farming. Over the years the land has been home to crops of olives, cherries, apples, quinces, prunes, tomatoes, corn, beans, and walnuts. The valley is also home to many vineyards with over 70 outstanding wineries turning out award-winning wines each year.

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Santa Ynez Valley Real Estate Demographics

Population Median Household income: Median Family income: Education Pupil/Teacher Ratio: Average age:
4,584 $80,284 $84,467 23.1


Santa Ynez Valley School Information

The Santa Ynez Valley offers a number of top-rated schools that endeavor to provide your child with a comprehensive education. With student to teacher ratios below the state average, Santa Ynez Valley schools are better equipped to give your child the individual attention they need.

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